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The consumer electronics marketplace is and will always be a vibrant fast-changing environment. Products are at the cutting edge of technology innovation and fashion, creating major opportunities and challenges for industry participants. In order to survive and become successful in this environment, inventory planning and reacting with agility to rapid changes in the resale market will always be vital for your business activities.

As Gerar Trading we ensure your access to the very best deals in the market. Our network has been built over many years and is maintained by ensuring constant competitive pricing, guaranteeing timely distribution and continuous improvement of customer service, regardless of country or counterparty. This strength and reliability has ensured that Gerar Trading is a first choice for many of its customers.

Gerar Trading has retained the connection with local retailers and the B2C online market, whilst expanding into a global company, building a network spanning many countries. We are focused on delivering the very best prices in the consumer electronics market whilst guaranteeing quality and solid delivery dates.

Utilizing our vast international network and hard-earned experience you can trust us to find the right solutions, where and when you require them.