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Who we are

Established more than 17 years ago, Gerar Trading (GT) has grown into one of the most established consumer electronics trading companies in the Netherlands.

With a global scope, a strong reseller┤s network in the EMEA and without losing its touch with local retailers (and the B2C online market), GT has acquired the trading experience to understand what to offer to vendors, traditional dealers, resellers and retailers. GT is focused on delivering the very best prices in the consumer electronics market with a guaranteed quality and delivery date.

Currently the main focus of GT is on the consumer electronics market with products like:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • TV
  • IT Components
  • Game Consoles
  • Cameras

The team of GT comes from various backgrounds. Some of the founders are self- made entrepreneurs whereas others have a background in financial economics with experience in the high paced London financial industry. This combination ensures a true understanding of all aspects of the market, guaranteeing the insights to deliver the best service possible to all parties involved.

Our mission

At GT we aspire to become the preferred partner of choice for vendors, traditional dealers, resellers and retailers in the consumer electronics market. Fifteen years of experience, expansion to most markets globally with a strong presence in the EMEA and the Gerargroup platform demonstrates that GT will never stop improving to achieve its final

Why would I need GT services?

The core proposition of GT is to be the best counterparty in the consumer electronics vendors, traditional dealers, resellers and retailers market. By being able to deliver inventory last minute against the best prices real time, we can help you with decreasing your investment in inventory and therefore minimize your cost of capital. Furthermore, we can help with navigating logistics or consult on complex market challenges around pricing.

The proposition also guarantees the possibility of quick scalability to ramp up when market opportunities materialize, all without having to worry about inventory.

Taking away these inventory management questions will give you a competitive advantage, as it will enable you to invest your working capital more efficiently and focus on sales solely.

  • GT will meet consumer demand and with that minimize inventory and risk.
  • GT will deliver the Strategic Sourcing and Business Intelligence.

On behalf of the client GT will exploit scale economies and improved intel for trading operations.

Over the years, GT has developed a very extensive international network in the consumer electronics market. This has been achieved via consistent competitive pricing, always ensuring timely distribution and continuous improvement on customer experience, regardless of country or counterparty. With this network GT can now serve vendors, traditional dealers, resellers and retailers worldwide. It assures it will always deliver the most competitive price to both buyers and sellers (which indirectly also helps to improve the overall liquidity of the consumer electronics market) and provides our partners with high quality routes to market their products. Building these relationships is both essential for the long-term growth of GT as it is also a reflection of the progress achieved so far.

GT offers customers the facility to source real time the best deals in the world: A strength which makes GT a first choice solution for many of its customers.

Given the dynamic market setting, the expertise and capabilities of GT are of huge relevance and value to our clients.

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